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A Bold Languedoc Red


noun. / ˈpeee -nooofˈ/
1 a : archaic French word for a country dweller; wily French peasant.
b : bold, rich (not materially!), persistent.

Pronounced, like it is spelled, Pi’nouf is full-bodied red that showcases the inherent quality of Languedoc wine. The 2009 exhibits rich, fleshy black fruit flavors from Syrah, strawberry spicy notes from Grenache and backbone and intensity from Carignan. The name Pi'nouf is derived from Pignouf, the archaic French word for peasant.

Pi'nouf is a modern expression of Languedoc red wine. The 2009 vintage is produced from 20-40 year-old vines in hillside schistic soiled vineyards above the tiny village of Puissergueir in Saint Chinian.

The Languedoc
The Languedoc is an ancient wine region that can document Greeks producing wine near Narbonne in the 5th Century B.C. It is the world's single biggest wine region and makes more wine than the entire United States on some of the world's oldest soils.

Pinouf Wine